Whether its for your business, or personal reasons, the domain name is the foundation of your website, and over the past few years, Domain Marketa has slowly established itself as one of the premiere names in domain name sales! Our database of domains contains countless unused domain names, just waiting for you to purchase! And with one of the simplest, and most easy to use platforms across the web, Domain Marketa is the preferred domain registry platform, for both beginner and professional web developers and individuals.

While our competition may offer different packages, and use confusing language that throws you off, Domain Marketa offers a service that is straightforward, and to the point – allowing you to get the BEST domain name for you and your business or personal website within minutes…and for the absolute best price you can find!

Your All-in-One Domain Management Platform

While we might offer a simple, efficient service, that’s targeted toward both beginner and intermediate users, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty either! We offer a number of different domain management services, allowing you not only buy and sell domains of your choosing, but to also manage your domain settings, security, and a whole lot more!

Whether you’re a professional, or a beginner, just learning your way around building your first site – have no fear…Domain Marketa is here! We offer some of the industry’s VERY BEST, 24/7 customer support! And don’t worry about talking to an annoying robot either, that simply doesn’t get your issue – our support staff is composed of REAL, live people ready to serve you and provide you with the award-winning service you need!

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A premium domain name is a high value domain, that is generally short, concise, and something that is especially memorable to the public. While these domains are usually available at a much higher cost than conventional, retail domains, they are considered to be quite worth it as they provide businesses and individuals with a tremendous amount of value, mostly because of their ability to drive traffic to a site.

At Domain Marketa, we provide clients with some of the LOWEST prices on premium domains.

How it Works?

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Manage Your Domain

At DomainMarketa.com you can purchase, sell and manage each and every one of your domains using our easy-to-use customer service experience. Easily alter your domain settings, manage SSL certificates and much more!

Unlimited Support

Our database of thousands of unclaimed domains are waiting for you to purchase now. And while you purchase your domain, you will have the best 24/7 technical support in the entire industry on your side. From purchase issues, and interactive online chat advice, to in-person, one-on-one phone conversations assisting you setting up each and every aspect of your website and helping to grow your business and brand, day by day!

The Right Domain for You!

Whether it’s a site to represent your business or personal brand, a blog to get out your political opinions, or an e-commerce platform you’re building to compete with the big boys like Amazon and eBay – the right domain can make a huge difference! Your domain name is everything, its sort of like that first impression you leave on a new person, the right domain can stick in the mind of a user, and truly speak to them, often saying a lot more than any description or review could ever! Your domain shouldn’t just describe your product, services or ideas, but it should also be catchy and have some flare to it, and don’t forget about the technical aspect of a domain either! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a big deal these days, and it can truly make or break a business in today’s digital world. The right domain name can go quite far in ingratiating you with the search engine and helping you and your business one day attain that coveted #1 ranking on Google!
At Domain Marketa, we are proud not to be your average domain sellers. We don’t just look at things from a sales prospective, trying to get you in and out as soon as possible. We are here to provide a service, a full-spectrum service you can truly count on and that starts with a strong domain name that does what you need it to! And once you find the right domain for you, our interactive sales and support staff are here for you 24/7, to help educate you on all the that you can do with your new domain and the website that follows! From vital referrals, business growth and web marketing assistance, to dealing with security certificates, domain forwarding, DNS issues and a whole lot more!

Modernize Your Business with Domain Marketa’s Suite of Services!

In this day and age, with the world having stepped away from the analog business practices of yesteryear, you absolutely do not want to be left out in the cold! The fact is that every one is taking their business online, if they haven’t already! And if you haven’t caught up, truth be told, you are over a decade behind the curve. But have no fear, as the phrase goes, “better late than never!”, there is always time to catch up, especially when you have got the right team behind you!
Domain Marketa can help you to not only find the right domain name for you, but we can help provide you with a number of additional resources that will get your business up to date. From customized TLD’s or top level domains (usually the “.com” or “.net” part of a domain) that really represent your industry, like “.MD” for Medical Doctors, “.NYC” for businesses in New York City, “.TV” for television related sites, and many more!
And if there’s a domain you have just got to have, but it belongs to someone else – the team at Domain Marketa is here to help you! Our domain experts have had years of experience in domain negotiations, helping to broker deals for domains of all kinds, from those that might cost a few hundred dollars, to others that can easily reach into the 6-7 figure range! Plus, we can help organize all the complicated setups and settings of your domain name, in order to get you on the path to building the site of your dreams!

Customer Reviews

  • My husband and I are so happy to have found Domain Marketa. We finally decided to create a website for our restaurant, after years of putting it off. We’re not very tech savvy, but luckily for us all it took was one Google search and were able to get the best price on the perfect domain…without any confusion. Simple, super straightforward service!
    Ashely G.
  • I built my business from the ground up, and as things expanded some investors required that I start offering an ecommerce option. I know my industry, but I am really terrible with online stuff, plus my last web guy cheated me out of a website and domain, leaving me stuck needing to get things going fast. Domain Marketa helped me out so much they made things so incredibly easy. They walked me through finding my domain, getting security measures, and registration all over the phone. No lie, they taught me a thing or two about customer service! 😊
    Alex W.
  • Without Domain Marketa I would have never had the domain I wanted for my SaaS company. It turned out that someone had owned it already – literally just sitting on it for about 4 years. After a quick search and reaching out to Domain Marketa’s customer service, I found out the person wanted a king’s ransom for it, and I would have paid. (was literally the exact name of my company…). Lucky me, the guy from Domain Marketa was able to negotiate the price down several hundred dollars, no exaggeration! Got my domain and site running in under a week.
    Donald C.
  • Over the last year or so, with Covid hitting us hard, my retail business saw drastic changes, and to be honest my heart really hadn’t been in it for a while. And with business dwindling we ended up shutting things down, selling off our inventory to competitors, and pulling the website. Ironically, 3 months later, I got an email from someone at a company called Domain Marketa, saying that a customer wanted my domains. I never even thought selling just the domains was even possible, since I picked them up for a few bucks years ago. Domain marketa brokered the deal completely, I never had to even speak to the buyers. It turned out to be the biggest sale we made all year HAHA! Much more than I originally purchased them for.
    Laney P.
  • After stumbling onto Domain Marketa, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they made things for me. With other sites and companies, its always a bunch of hoops to jump through, and random pop ups I don’t understand. With DM it was nothing like that, I got everything I needed in a few clicks!
    Rita D.
  • My colleague and I just started our own private practice, (we are both dermatologists) and between all the paperwork, dealing with construction on the new facility and all the other busy work involved, we completely forgot to think about the website. I thought I could just renovate my previous practice site but there were issues with the naming and I didn’t want any jealousy with my new partner since we only knew each other for 6 months. One afternoon my son got me on Domain Marketa and we purchased and registered a new domain name within 5 minutes. I must say, it felt so refreshing, unlike those other sites Domain Marketa didn’t try to sell me a million different services or any of those pre-selected add-ons. The best part of the experience was when I needed to contact customer service for something and the individual did make one suggestion, reminding me that since we were running a medical practice, we would need a security certificate for HIPPA compliance! Such a knowledgeable staff!
    Wesley F.
  • I have been doing business online for years now, and started over a dozen different websites over the past year or so, so I usually have people I work with for domains from, the usual culprits lol. But with a recommendation I decided to give Domain Marketa a try – the simplest and cleanest experience I’ve had online. Definitely using their service in the future. No nonsense, no ads popping up, just straightforward find domains you want and checkout – and much better pricing.
    Samantha A.
  • For anyone in need of a place to buy domains, you absolutely need to check out Domain Marketa. No one makes it as easy as them. My company focuses on marketing and branding small businesses, and with the help of Domain Marketa, my assistant who didn’t know what a domain was 6 months ago is setting up SSL certificates and getting DNS info. Check them out!
    James R.
  • If you’re looking for a simple place to purchase a domain for your personal or business website than Domain Marketa is where you need to be. I run a small business so I’m tired of being sold to everyday. With them its none of that, you buy what you need, no pressure, no fuss.
    Ben D.
  • I knew I liked them when I didn’t see their site flooded with banner ads and data-stealing traps! Domain Marketa – A+ service.
    Anthony V.
  • After they straight up tried to rob me of hundreds of dollars in unknown charges, and literally sold off my domain from underneath me, I swore off working with a big domain company, I won’t say the name, but you know who I mean lol Domain Marketa’s customer service won me over, it feels like you’re calling a friend and not some huge company, gotta love the personal touch.
    Ashlyn S.
  • 2020 killed my sewing supply store. Our loyal following was mostly stricken with covid and we were forced to close for weeks at a time. We tried selling on Amazon but they killed our margins, just not the right place for us. We finally decided to setup a store of our own. Domain Marketa made registering a domain very simple and the agent on the phone made some great recommendations for setting up our online store, setting up ads, and connecting our social media. Thankfully we’ve always stayed in touch with our customers on Facebook. Things are picking back up again and I am exh5d for what the new year will bring!!
    Eleanor D.