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3 More Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

Whether you’re looking to create a website specifically for your small business, or just something for you to express yourself on the internet – choosing the right domain name is a crucial and integral part of the process! Not only do you want to find something catchy, and cool-sounding, but you also want something that expresses you and gives the world a tiny glimpse into your mind and exactly what thoughts might be swirling around your head at the time. In addition to introducing the world to a piece of you and giving them a glimpse of you and your mind, your domain name is also meant to help you achieve a certain amount of success. With the proper domain name, you can ensure your site will achieve organic success, and rank higher on the Google search engine – getting you more visibility, more clicks and more customers overall! The fact is that according to the team at Domain Marketa, its important to get the right domain name from the start as it can be quite the hassle having to change things up later on in the process – hurting not only your branding with the consumer base, but also causing you to take quite a hit when it comes to the search engine rankings as well. Therefore, according to the experts at Domain Marketa, creating a smart, fun, catchy, yet search engine-viable domain name can help your business flourish in both the short term, as well as the long! To better understand the process on how to get the domain name of your choice, thanks to the team at Domain Marketa, here are a few additional tips for you and your business!

Make Sue its Easy to Spell & Pronounce
In our most recent list of tips for choosing the best domain name, the team at Domain Marketa told us the importance of keeping your domain name short and simple. Well, in keeping with that trend its also vital that your domain name is easily pronounced, as well as spelled properly. In many instances, for those with domain names that might not exactly be words from the dictionary, spelling words phonetically might not hurt, as it is quite a positive trend throughout the online world. You should be able to easily share your domain name when speaking as well as writing. You never know when you’ll be asked to share your domain name in person. Plus, if you’re planning to use your domain name to create a professional business email address, then it definitely should be easy to understand as well as easily spelled out – this ensures you can get in touch much easier with your consumers on a daily basis.

Avoid Hyphens
This is one of the biggest faux-pas in terms of domain names we have ever come across, and while it might not be as popular in today’s world, we are only a few years removed from seeing all types of businesses with their hyphenated domain names. Often, search engines like Google, as well as human beings, tend to look at hyphenated domain names as if they are spam sites, or not something legitimate for actual information – let alone trustworthy enough to actually put your credit card into. Not to mention that they are a sign of an older, less well throughout time of the internet in which people truly had no idea what they were doing, and domain names were somewhat the wild, wild, west. They are also often prone to typos, according to the team at Domain Marketa, if you choose a domain name with hyphens because the domain you want is already taken, then your users will likely end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type in the hyphen.

Double Letters Aren’t a Good Idea
When it comes to typing in new domains, some of the most commonly confused or domain names that are for more prone to typos, include those with double letters (side by side). For instance, in many domains, you might see the two letters “ll” and while you might think they are two lowercase L’s, to someone else, they might just be two capital letter I’s next to one another. And while one might not make sense, the fact is that it’s the internet, and it doesn’t have to make sense. The fact is while it might be a mistake an individual makes only once or twice, to someone who visits the site often, it can continue to happen over and over to new clientele, and even be a big reason why some of them never end up making purchasing, sifting through pages, or entering a shop at all.

The fact is that while some of these might seem fairly small and insignificant to some of us, they might be everyday issues to others across the United States, as well as the world – especially for those who might be older, or those who might not be as computer literate as others.

Customer Reviews

  • My husband and I are so happy to have found Domain Marketa. We finally decided to create a website for our restaurant, after years of putting it off. We’re not very tech savvy, but luckily for us all it took was one Google search and were able to get the best price on the perfect domain…without any confusion. Simple, super straightforward service!
    Ashely G.
  • I built my business from the ground up, and as things expanded some investors required that I start offering an ecommerce option. I know my industry, but I am really terrible with online stuff, plus my last web guy cheated me out of a website and domain, leaving me stuck needing to get things going fast. Domain Marketa helped me out so much they made things so incredibly easy. They walked me through finding my domain, getting security measures, and registration all over the phone. No lie, they taught me a thing or two about customer service! 😊
    Alex W.
  • Without Domain Marketa I would have never had the domain I wanted for my SaaS company. It turned out that someone had owned it already – literally just sitting on it for about 4 years. After a quick search and reaching out to Domain Marketa’s customer service, I found out the person wanted a king’s ransom for it, and I would have paid. (was literally the exact name of my company…). Lucky me, the guy from Domain Marketa was able to negotiate the price down several hundred dollars, no exaggeration! Got my domain and site running in under a week.
    Donald C.
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  • Over the last year or so, with Covid hitting us hard, my retail business saw drastic changes, and to be honest my heart really hadn’t been in it for a while. And with business dwindling we ended up shutting things down, selling off our inventory to competitors, and pulling the website. Ironically, 3 months later, I got an email from someone at a company called Domain Marketa, saying that a customer wanted my domains. I never even thought selling just the domains was even possible, since I picked them up for a few bucks years ago. Domain marketa brokered the deal completely, I never had to even speak to the buyers. It turned out to be the biggest sale we made all year HAHA! Much more than I originally purchased them for.
    Laney P.
  • After stumbling onto Domain Marketa, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they made things for me. With other sites and companies, its always a bunch of hoops to jump through, and random pop ups I don’t understand. With DM it was nothing like that, I got everything I needed in a few clicks!
    Rita D.
  • My colleague and I just started our own private practice, (we are both dermatologists) and between all the paperwork, dealing with construction on the new facility and all the other busy work involved, we completely forgot to think about the website. I thought I could just renovate my previous practice site but there were issues with the naming and I didn’t want any jealousy with my new partner since we only knew each other for 6 months. One afternoon my son got me on Domain Marketa and we purchased and registered a new domain name within 5 minutes. I must say, it felt so refreshing, unlike those other sites Domain Marketa didn’t try to sell me a million different services or any of those pre-selected add-ons. The best part of the experience was when I needed to contact customer service for something and the individual did make one suggestion, reminding me that since we were running a medical practice, we would need a security certificate for HIPPA compliance! Such a knowledgeable staff!
    Wesley F.
  • I have been doing business online for years now, and started over a dozen different websites over the past year or so, so I usually have people I work with for domains from, the usual culprits lol. But with a recommendation I decided to give Domain Marketa a try – the simplest and cleanest experience I’ve had online. Definitely using their service in the future. No nonsense, no ads popping up, just straightforward find domains you want and checkout – and much better pricing.
    Samantha A.
  • For anyone in need of a place to buy domains, you absolutely need to check out Domain Marketa. No one makes it as easy as them. My company focuses on marketing and branding small businesses, and with the help of Domain Marketa, my assistant who didn’t know what a domain was 6 months ago is setting up SSL certificates and getting DNS info. Check them out!
    James R.
  • If you’re looking for a simple place to purchase a domain for your personal or business website than Domain Marketa is where you need to be. I run a small business so I’m tired of being sold to everyday. With them its none of that, you buy what you need, no pressure, no fuss.
    Ben D.
  • I knew I liked them when I didn’t see their site flooded with banner ads and data-stealing traps! Domain Marketa – A+ service.
    Anthony V.
  • After they straight up tried to rob me of hundreds of dollars in unknown charges, and literally sold off my domain from underneath me, I swore off working with a big domain company, I won’t say the name, but you know who I mean lol Domain Marketa’s customer service won me over, it feels like you’re calling a friend and not some huge company, gotta love the personal touch.
    Ashlyn S.
  • 2020 killed my sewing supply store. Our loyal following was mostly stricken with covid and we were forced to close for weeks at a time. We tried selling on Amazon but they killed our margins, just not the right place for us. We finally decided to setup a store of our own. Domain Marketa made registering a domain very simple and the agent on the phone made some great recommendations for setting up our online store, setting up ads, and connecting our social media. Thankfully we’ve always stayed in touch with our customers on Facebook. Things are picking back up again and I am exh5d for what the new year will bring!!
    Eleanor D.