SSL Security Certificates

Provide Your Users with Safe, Secure Access to Your Site!

The internet has been around for decades, and while its probably the single greatest invention in history, the fact is that its not always a safe place anymore! From data theft and identity fraud, to spyware and viruses, there’s a lot out there to fear.

But with the proper security measures, you can ensure your customers or visitors have the piece of mind they need, to safely and securely browse your content, and make purchases on your site, knowing that they are always 100% free from such dangers when they visit your site. With an SSL Security Certificate purchased and setup by the team at Domain Marketa, you can ensure that not only is your data safe, but so are your clients, customers, and visitors!

What is an SSL Security Certificate?

SSL Certificates are actually small packets of data, and files that use a specialized cryptographic key that is digitally affixed to your site and site’s information. You’ve probably seen different site URLs, some with an “http://” prefix and others with an “https://” prefix. Secure sites will include the additional “s” activating the https protocol, that allows users to experience a safe and secure connection from their browser to your web server.

Once the certificate is installed, it will activate your site’s security, and visually, through the padlock symbol or even the word “SECURE” at the left-hand side of the browser’s URL field. SSL Certificates help to bind your domain name, server name, and your hostname – as well as your brand’s online identity and location. They are used to provide safe browsing of a website, protecting credit card transactions, site logins, data transfers, and much more.

When you purchase your certificate from Domain Marketa, we will easily install and manage your site’s security. Generally, SSL purchases are done on a yearly subscription basis, and depending on your site, and level of security needs, they may range in pricing.

Why Do You Need an SSL Security Certificate?

In this day and age, it’s more of a necessity than a choice, as every professional site, or commercially branded site offers this type of secure browsing. An SSL protects any sensitive data or information, including things like credit card information, login information (usernames and passwords), contact information, and more.

With an SSL Security Certificate from Domain Marketa You Can:
  • Improve Your Sites Search Engine Ranking!
    Google tends to rank sites that are reputable, safe, and secure. With the right SSL Certificate, you can improve your ranking on the search engine and get more traffic to your site!
  • Secure Data
    Data transfer are happening all the time between servers. Keep that data secure, and away from the wrong hands with the security you need!
  • Build User Trust
    Your customers, users, and visitors will have the piece of mind knowing that they can browse your site safely and securely.
SSL Security Certificates for Your Business Site! Whether you are operating an e-commerce brand, legal firm, or opening a medical practice, the vast majority of businesses require SSL Security in order to meet certain regulatory standards.
  • HIPPA Compliance
    As a doctor or any type of medical professional, having an SSL Security Certificate is a requirement for you and your practice, in order to meet HIPPA compliance standards in order to protect PHI (Protected Health Information).
  • E-Commerce & Online Retailers
    As an online shopping destination, having an SSL Security Certificate is a vital part of doing business, as it protects your customers, and ensures they can safely provide credit card information or other payment details.
  • Considering the fact that every site has different types of security needs, we offer an SSL service that is fully tailored to your needs. Therefore, to purchase your certificate, you can contact Domain Marketa, and one of our customer service representatives will provide you with the right security options for you! Get your SSL Security Certificate today from the team at Domain Marketa!

Customer Reviews

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    Ashely G.
  • I built my business from the ground up, and as things expanded some investors required that I start offering an ecommerce option. I know my industry, but I am really terrible with online stuff, plus my last web guy cheated me out of a website and domain, leaving me stuck needing to get things going fast. Domain Marketa helped me out so much they made things so incredibly easy. They walked me through finding my domain, getting security measures, and registration all over the phone. No lie, they taught me a thing or two about customer service! 😊
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    Donald C.
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  • Over the last year or so, with Covid hitting us hard, my retail business saw drastic changes, and to be honest my heart really hadn’t been in it for a while. And with business dwindling we ended up shutting things down, selling off our inventory to competitors, and pulling the website. Ironically, 3 months later, I got an email from someone at a company called Domain Marketa, saying that a customer wanted my domains. I never even thought selling just the domains was even possible, since I picked them up for a few bucks years ago. Domain marketa brokered the deal completely, I never had to even speak to the buyers. It turned out to be the biggest sale we made all year HAHA! Much more than I originally purchased them for.
    Laney P.
  • After stumbling onto Domain Marketa, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they made things for me. With other sites and companies, its always a bunch of hoops to jump through, and random pop ups I don’t understand. With DM it was nothing like that, I got everything I needed in a few clicks!
    Rita D.
  • My colleague and I just started our own private practice, (we are both dermatologists) and between all the paperwork, dealing with construction on the new facility and all the other busy work involved, we completely forgot to think about the website. I thought I could just renovate my previous practice site but there were issues with the naming and I didn’t want any jealousy with my new partner since we only knew each other for 6 months. One afternoon my son got me on Domain Marketa and we purchased and registered a new domain name within 5 minutes. I must say, it felt so refreshing, unlike those other sites Domain Marketa didn’t try to sell me a million different services or any of those pre-selected add-ons. The best part of the experience was when I needed to contact customer service for something and the individual did make one suggestion, reminding me that since we were running a medical practice, we would need a security certificate for HIPPA compliance! Such a knowledgeable staff!
    Wesley F.
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    Ashlyn S.
  • 2020 killed my sewing supply store. Our loyal following was mostly stricken with covid and we were forced to close for weeks at a time. We tried selling on Amazon but they killed our margins, just not the right place for us. We finally decided to setup a store of our own. Domain Marketa made registering a domain very simple and the agent on the phone made some great recommendations for setting up our online store, setting up ads, and connecting our social media. Thankfully we’ve always stayed in touch with our customers on Facebook. Things are picking back up again and I am exh5d for what the new year will bring!!
    Eleanor D.