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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

When choosing the right domain name for your website, its important that you not only take your time, but choose one that will help you to further your brand and business as well – as a domain name is a crucial aspect of your success, both in the present as well as in the future. And while many individuals might tell you that it is possible to change your domain name down the line, the truth is that this can be quite the arduous process – and way more of a hassle than anything else – especially as it can and will affect your search rankings and your overall web presence, according to the domain experts at Domain Marketa. Considering all this, its vital that you spend a decent amount of time to choose a domain name that best suites you as well as your brand and business from the beginning! When you girst get started in the world of business or simply want to create your own site for fun, it can be difficult to come up with catchy name ideas – especially one that also provides you the organic ranking help as well. Considering these early difficulties most individuals face in their first few attempts at building a proper website and domain, here are some important tips from the team at Domain Marketa.

Try to Stick with a Dot-Com
The fact is that in this day and age, with all the amazing technology, constant advancements, and methods of personalization, there are a lot more domain extensions that just the traditional .gov’s, .org’s, .net’s, and many more. Some of which actually will give your site a new level of “cool” or uniqueness that no one else in your industry has! So while it would certainly be fun to be a pizzeria with a .pizza domain extension (which is possible!), it is best to make sure you are FIRST able to acquire the .com domain extension first and foremost. This is because when the average consumer of online information or shopping thinks about something online or navigating to a store or site that may have been thinking of all day – the first thing that will come to their mind will be the .com extension. And if you are able to acquire the .com name extension, you are exponentially more likely to drive that extra traffic to your site and in effect, your business! The fact is that the .com is still the king amongst all extensions, maybe one day having the .nyc or .md might be helpful, but it will still be secondary to the .coms of the world.

Add Keywords to Your Domain
One of the biggest and best secrets amongst the best and brightest of digital marketers is to ensure that your domain names are as keyword rich as possible. By using keywords in your domain name, you tell the search engines what your website is about. Together with quality content and good user experience, keywords in your domain can help you rank higher in Google. And according to domain experts like Domain Marketa, you can drive way more traffic and business to your site! Its important to be creative here, as many of the best keywords in popular industries might be taken already but a little bit of extra brainstorming can surely help you a ton in the long run.

Keep it Short
This is by far one of the best and most helpful tips to creating a good domain name – keep it short and as simple as you can! Some individuals tend to go a bit crazy with the keywords, and end up with huge 20+ letter domain names that are simply unnecessary. It’s better to have a domain name that’s short and memorable – something clients can easily type from memory.We recommend keeping your domain name under 15 characters. Longer domains are harder for your users to remember.Not to mention, users will also be more prone to entering typos with longer domain names which can lead to lost traffic.That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your domain length short.

When it comes to finding the right domain name for you, there are a lot more important rules out there – especially depending on what business and industry you might be in. However, if you follow these important steps, you will be on your way to the perfect domain name soon enough. For more information on domains and online branding in general, be sure to visit Domain Marketa online today.