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3 Tips When Looking to Buy a Domain That’s Been Taken Already

Oftentimes, when a domain name shows that it has already been taken, it may be considered to be a premium domain name, and will very likely cost you more than a domain will otherwise. In the event that you find the domain that’s already been taken listed the same as any other domain on a domain purchasing site – aside from a clearly higher price point, you may simply just add it to your cart and proceed with your payment. According to the team at Domain Marketa, you can check through multiple different sites in order to find out if your domain is listed with or on any of them – in the event its not listed anywhere, then it is probably not available for sale. You can still try the first method of approaching the owner with your offer. With that in mind, there are a number of different helpful tips that will help you to buy your domain the safest and most secure way possible. Here are a few important tips to buy already taken domain names from the experts at Domain Marketa.

Avoid Choosing a Different Extension
One of the most common mistakes individuals will often make, is that when they discover that their domain name, with the .com ending is taken, they will often decide to simply purchase a .net, .org, or something else. While this might work for some individuals and those working within certain business types, for others this can cause problems as people may forget your domain name and type in .com or .org. According to the experts at Domain Marketa, some individuals might even face legal issues down the line if the .com owner argues that you’re trying to infringe on their brand name. This is particularly the case if they’ve registered it as a trademark.

Check if the Domain Name is a Registered Trademark
This is especially important for someone looking to purchase a domain to create a website for their business. If the domain name is a registered trademark of an existing business, then you could end up having to take your website offline completely in the future.It’s well worth doing a quick search of the US trademark database to check whether your domain name is already being used by another company. You may also want to check local databases too. Even a domain name that uses a trademark within it could be a problem – in fact, individuals aren’t allowed to use domain names with the word WordPress within them, as this is a trademark.

Emotional Attachment
Starting a new business in today’s digital world can be fun and quite exciting. And while it can certainly get you excited and emotionally charged up, this can be a mistake down the line, as its easy to get too emotionally attached to a specific domain name. In addition, as you would with most every type of financial investment, you must learn to be smart and rational about this as well. Don’t think with your heart in this instance, think about it from a business mindset. Which domain name might resell for the most down the line, which domain name has the best cross-over appeal and can help you to increase your customer base the most? Also, it's important to understand that when you consider purchasing a premium domain name or buy already taken domain name, that it might cost upwards of a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand dollars. For this reason, it’s important to save as much as possible by not getting too emotionally attached to any specific domain name that might cost hundreds of dollars, when there might be a very similar one that may only cost you $10 or 15.

The thing to understand most about domain names that have been taken already is that while in some instances having that specific domain name can make or break your online presence, and in others, there might be a simple, far cheaper, worthwhile substitute that you can have for a fraction of the cost – so be sure to do your research and think hard before making a decision. For more information on buying an already taken domain name, be sure to visit Domain Marketa online today.