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Buying A Pre-Owned Domain

More Tips to Dealing with Domain with Existing Owners

When it comes to purchasing the right domain for your business, individuals can get quite stuck on their initial choice and while that initial choice may be absolutely perfect for your business, it can also already be in someone else’s possession. Now whether they have chosen to actually use that domain name or whether they are simply just owning it in an effort to sell it later on, could be a major concern – as well as the difference between you paying anywhere $10-15 for a domain, or you paying upwards of $1000+ for a domain. The fact is however, according to the team of experts at Domain Marketa, it may not always be in your best interests to buy a pre-owned domain from the current owner, as the price might be far too steep – however, in certain other situations it might actually be the perfect domain for you to purchase – therefore don’t ever take these things too serious and here are a few additional tips for how to deal with such a situation from the domain experts at Domain Marketa.

Was There a Site Built on this Domain?
This is definitely one of the most important questions you must ask yourself before you are able to make a credible decision on whether or not you plan to purchase a pre-owned domain or not. Using a site like the Way back Machine, you will be able to check and see if that the domain name may have been used by someone else.It is alright if the domain name has been used before, but you want to make sure that it wasn’t used for malicious, spammy, or illegal activities.This may harm your business’ reputation and may even cause legal issues in the future. If there’s a Google penalty on the domain, then that could take a lot of work and resources to wipe out – resources that you may just be better off purchasing a new, cheaper domain – rather than spending on yourself.

Calculate the Domain’s Worth
Pricing a domain can be quite tricky, because what might be priceless to my business may not mean a thing to yours – therefore, like other things a domain, according to Domain Marketa, might just be what others are willing to pay for it. If you’re new to buying a pre-owned domain, then you might wonder whether the price you’re being quoted is a bargain, a rip-off, or something in between.Well, the truth is that there is no standard regulation for premium domain name pricing. Sellers independently decide the price, and it’s up to you as a buyer to decide if it’s worth the investment.Premium domain names can range from few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. Some rare premium domain names even go into the million-dollar range. You might want to try a tool like EstiBot that can help you to get a general idea about the cost of the domain. Like other things online there might be room for you to haggle as well, so be prepared to bargain as best you can.

Be Aware of What You are Buying
The most important thing when dealing with people in this situation, especially when it is independent vendors and not an actual domain site is that you should know exactly what you are buying. Are you just getting a domain? Or are you getting the website too? Or maybe you are paying a price for the entire online business – be aware of what is being transacted. Established websites may well use lots of different plugins and tools that the owner has licenses for. It’s unlikely that these licenses will be transferred over to you along with the sale, so you’ll need to be prepared to purchase them for yourself.You’ll also want to be clear on whether you’re receiving assets like the website’s email list data.If the domain name or website is a large purchase, then you should definitely have a lawyer draw up a contract for you. Consult someone who’s an expert in IP (Intellectual Property) law. Regardless, even if it is just a small purchase, you should also have the exact details in writing as that will protect both you and the seller.

Buying domains can be difficult online, especially with the number of people looking to take advantage of one another online. But using a reputable service like Domain Marketa can protect you during your transaction, for more information on buying a pre-owned domain, be sure to contact us today.