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3 Things to Watch Out for When Purchasing a New Domain

When it comes to running a successful business in the year 2020, there are quite a few vital aspects you need to make sure you have in operation before you can expect to be doing well. From conventional things that have been around for decades, including a phone number, a physical address, products, and employees to provide quality customer service, to more modern business aspects such as a website, search engine optimization (SEO), and an overall well-branded online reputation. The thing to understand, according to the digital branding experts at Domain Marketa, the vast majority of small businesses in this day and age, have no trouble handling the common, conventional aspects of business. However, for many, the modern, digital branding aspects are what they need the most assistance with, as they simply aren’t as well versed in these modern elements. The thing is that not all companies who sell domains are the same, and while some will simply get along using good business practices and whatnot, others may try to use certain back-handed tactics and hidden fees and/or fine print to “trick” patients into utilizing their services when they wouldn’t want to in the first place. Therefore, as digital branding experts, and web development guru’s, the team at Domain Marketa, would like to offer these important tips to prospective customers looking to purchase a domain.

Hidden Fees & Costs
Just the same as when you are making any types of purchases, online or offline, it is vital that you do your best to read any and all fine print and informative text. Many companies will try to trick you into jumping at their immediately low price for an object, when in fact that low price isn’t the actual price, as there are often hidden fees, unknown charges, and certain strange, taxes that would rarely, if ever, be charged at aby other retail location. Generally, be aware that registrars offering rock-bottom domain prices may have other, less-than-ethical ways to make money and are looking to trick you into long term, often subpar service plans. Some of the most common methods of these unwanted costs include:

  • Hidden Fee & Fine Print
  • Charging for WHOIS or RDAP listing fees – Generally should be a public listing.
  • Unwanted or Unneeded Add-Ons – Some companies will try to UPSELL you with certain things you might not want or even need, such as SSL security and more, while also charging your far more than any other reputable company would (when and if, you decide you need certain add-ons).

Protect Your Data & Privacy
The fact is that domain information and details are generally supposed to be kept as public records for anyone to see within the WHOIS & RDAP directories – in addition, many companies choose to keep their personal information private. Unprotected data is susceptible to being mined by spammers and scammers. Look for domain registrars who offer privacy protection for free. Beware of registrars who charge a premium for “privacy services,” especially any who offer to put their details on these registries instead of yours, which secretly gives them ownership of the domain. On addition, there are some registrars who will even begin selling your data to third parties such as certain marketing organizations. Others will even mine the WHOIS database and send out false renewal invoices, attempting to get money out of unsuspecting clients. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions for your use of the registrar.

Find Transparency
Be sure to find registrars who are transparent in their business models – and make sure they aren’t lying to you when it comes to their pricing, processes and privacy information – for any and all types of services such as transferring or cancelling your domain registration. Some registrars offer cheap registration for your initial purchase, but then charge you sky-high prices to renew your domain the following year. They also might make it very difficult to cancel your order. Look for a registrar with up-front pricing information and terms of service to avoid surprises later on.

For more information on finding the right domains, and domain registrars for you, be sure to visit Domain Marketa today.